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Karla and I had a coaching session that blew me away. She was able to go exactly where I needed to go, and I felt the grace of her skills after my first session. If you know that there is something more to you and feel that you need to move in a new direction or even if you just want to fine tune the path you are on, Karla can work with you to find what feels right to you deep inside. You know how some people seem to know their "calling" in life and yet some of us feel what we are doing isn't what we were meant to do? but we just can't put our finger on it? ...this will help you gain the clarity you need to move through your life on a path with a heart.....Your heart.

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Karla Lamley is a Transformational Life Coach, Mentor and Healer with over 25 years experience in the field of human potential, consciousness and spiritual growth. In addition to Life Coaching she has a Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner and serves her clients/patients using both alternative and conventional therapies. She has studied Eastern and Western philosophies, which has shaped and developed her unique understanding and ability to assist individuals in integrating spiritual living-ness into everyday life. She uses many tools to help individuals with this process.  One of the most profound tools she uses for her clients and herself are essential oils.

Karla has studied and worked with the Tz'utujiil Mayan Shaman in the highlands of Santiago Atitlan Guatemala with Psychologist and Mayan Expert Conrad Satala for the last 25 years, and since 1998 has been practicing Kriya Yoga with Swami Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

 She works with individuals and groups to support their spiritual development, and to open communication between the seen and unseen aspects of life. If you are ready to increase and expand your intelligence, join Karla on this sacred journey we call Life who is ready to encourage and guide you.


Individual session packages are available.

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Heart of Everything, Coaching and Consultations is about INCREASING INTELLIGENCE, and foster ONENESS in all aspects of our life experience. When you look around we all seem separate, but  through the field of Quantum Physics and other emerging fields such as the neurosciences,  we quickly begin to realize we are not.  Whether at work or in our personal lives, we are interdependent, and in the Quantum view, when you go a little deeper as you increase and expand intelligence, you understand we are one.   One planet, and one humanity sharing this experience called life.

 Life is not with out its peaks, valleys and challenges, and there are rules, and tricks to the terrain.  There is what is seen in life and what is unseen.  To be a fully functioning, abundant human being, we must develop relationships to all things and increase our awareness through not just our intellect but multiple types of intelligence.

 When I say intelligence, most of us think only of our intellectual intelligence. While our intellect is a tremendous tool, it is actually the form of intelligence that holds some of the greatest limitations and re-framing what you think and perceive is only just the beginning.

 Just as when we only focus on one area of muscles in the body over time those muscles becomes over developed, and other area of the body are weaker which cause imbalances to result in our body.  This is also true of our mind.   When our intellect has been over developed the emotional, spiritual, intuitive and interpersonal parts of our lives become out of balance.

Heart of Everything Coaching and Consultations, assist people to learn skills, which utilize other forms of intelligence that we all possess, such as emotional, social, spiritual, and intuitive intelligence.  Our society has promoted the intellect and intellectual development to such a degree that as a result many of us may not have developed our emotional, spiritual, intuitive, and interpersonal intelligence, causing our emotions and our relationships to be underdeveloped. By learning more advanced skills in these other areas of Human intelligence, we can helps people move beyond the challenges that life presents into greater awareness and creativity using all the gifts and areas of intelligence each person has both seen and unseen.

 To your Flurishing!

 Heart of Everything



We are the Universe. The Universe is Us