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Karla and I had a coaching session that blew me away. She was able to go exactly where I needed to go, and I felt the grace of her skills after my first session. If you know that there is something more to you and feel that you need to move in a new direction or even if you just want to fine tune the path you are on, Karla can work with you to find what feels right to you deep inside. You know how some people seem to know their "calling" in life and yet some of us feel what we are doing isn't what we were meant to do? but we just can't put our finger on it? ...this will help you gain the clarity you need to move through your life on a path with a heart.....Your heart.

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 Divine Expressions!  

If you are interested in raising awareness and taking responsibility in your life by looking at where you are now and where you want to be, this is your Group!

Oneness is the paradigm that we as humanity are being called to embrace. The group will work together to inspire and motivate each member to their greatness. We will help each other overcome shame, blame, fears, and judgments, so that we can live a life that allows our divinity emerges and shine. 

Group’s work can be a profound tool for transformation because we can draw from the energy that each person brings to the group to simulate new growth and awareness. Group meetings will be filled with activities and wonderful dialogs.  

- Learn how to shift perception 

- Cultivate deeper body awareness 

- Connect you’re your own wisdom

- Quite the mind 

- Release the attributes of mind: shame, blame, guilt, judgment, and need to understand why 

- Open to the attributes of the Spiritual Warrior: integrity, authenticity, acceptance, nurturance, fierce compassion, love, and oneness 

Life is a constant process of growing, what is emerging and releasing what is passing away, over and over again…weaving us into the wholeness of life. 





95min group meeting

Cost $15.00 per person

Join us on the Journey! 


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